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Infinite’s BTD (Before The Dawn) Teaser

Infinite’s BTD (Before The Dawn) Teaser (WooHyun & L)

Upcoming 2nd Mini Album – Evolution


WooHyun injured his back during ‘BTD’ MV shoot

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It was recently reported that WooHyun injured his hip while filming for the group’s ‘BTD’ music video.

Infinite’s agency stated, “WooHyun’s hip injury was re-inflamed during a recent music video shoot, and he was eventually taken to the emergency room.”

For the past two months, Woohyun has been attending action school to learn both basic and intermediate technical movements. During filming, however, Woohyun sustained a hip injury that was determined to take four weeks for a full recovery.

Woohyun had been taking painkillers in order to practice for both his group’s comeback and for the “MBC 2010 Music Festival“; eventually, however, he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

“The filming of the ‘BTD’ music video was shot on the 23rd, the coldest day of winter, but Woohyun and L’s fighting spirit was so great to the point where some staff members showed tears of sympathy. Thanks to them, the members’ determination increased and we think the quality of the music video turned out better than their existing music videos.

We will work hard to maintain a good condition for their comeback. We apologize for making the fans worry,” said the agency.

Infinite are scheduled to make their comeback on January 6th 2011.

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WooHyun reveals martial arts training clip

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Footage of WooHyun in martial arts practise has been quickly making its rounds amongst fan and various video portal sites alike.

The video is said to be a teaser for the group’s upcoming comeback, and features Woohyun receiving martial arts training. In this 10-second clip, he shows off an impressive jump and knee-kick, leading netizens to dub him as the ‘action-idol.’

Netizens commented, “He’s really good,” “He’s floating in the air! INFINITE action idols,” and “I wonder what the comeback is?”

The group is currently preparing for their second mini-album.

The Story Behind WooHyun’s Surprise proposal to Kara’s SeungYeon

Kara’s member Han Seungyeon recieved a proposal from Infinite’s member.

Through MBC Youth Variety ‘Bouquet’ which will be aired on the 12th, Infinite’s member Woohyun confessed that he was always Han Seungyeon’s fan and showed his affection.

Woohyun confessed his heart by singing Lee Seunggi’s ‘Because noona is my girl’. It was seen that Han Seungyeon seemed flustered for a second but the stated “Dongseng seems like a man now!”

Not only this but Woohyun called Seungyeon “Yeonbo” and said “I can only see Seungyeon!” He showed off his heart to her which got many jealous.


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WooHyun-Lee GookJu, warm back hug ‘What’s Their Relationship?’

WooHyun hugged Gag woman Lee Gookju warmly.

On the 9th, a photo of Woohyun giving Lee Gookju a back hug was revealed on the homepage of ‘Shindong Park Gyuri’s shimshimtapa’.

WooHyun and DongWoo appeared as a guest on the show in place of the Trax for the corner ‘The story lives season 3.5’.

On the broadcast Woohyun did not get the correct answer for the quiz and was chose to recieve a penalty(?) which was to give Lee Gookju a back hug. In the end when the radio broadcast was over he was on her back and later poked his head out showing a cute pose.

On this day WooHyun and DongWoo were playing with a lie detector and said “Lee Gooju noona is pretty” which ended up being a lie. Like wise Lee Gookju said “I like Infinite better than trax” which was deemed to be a lie by the detector.


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WooHyun past modeling photo’s revealed!

Nam WooHyun’s past modeling photo’s has been revealed.

WooHyun was a former advertising model along with T-ara’s Ji Yeon and BEAST’s Jun Hyung.

He was a model for a shopping mall back in 2008. Fans have found out about these photo’s and complimented him that despite these photo’s taken 2 years ago, he still looks the same and look’s youthful and pretty as he is now.

Meanwhile, Infinite’s “Comeback Again” is a huge hit being it their debut song.