Infinite unveiled BTD MV + Album

01. [Intro] Evolution

02. BTD (Before the Dawn)

03. Hysterie

04. Can U Smile

05. I Don’t Know

Infinite’s BTD (Before The Dawn) MV!


Controversy over Infinite’s violent MV!

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Infinite’s ‘BTD’ (Before the Dawn) teaser video is being swept up in violence controversies.

The teaser for Infinite’s 2nd mini album’s title song, “BTD”, which was released on the 30th, is the work of Hwang SooAh, director who made IU’s “Good Day” and Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”.

In the video, Infinite members showed a fight that would happen in real life. They are receiving reviews that this scene is like a blockbuster, but at the same time they are receiving critiques on how they beautified violence.

To this, their entertainment responded, “At the time we release the full version, all controversies will end. Take note of the strong storyline.”

On the other hand, Infinite will have a showcase on January 6th with their comeback up ahead.

Infinite’s BTD (Before The Dawn) Teaser

Infinite’s BTD (Before The Dawn) Teaser (WooHyun & L)

Upcoming 2nd Mini Album – Evolution

WooHyun injured his back during ‘BTD’ MV shoot

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It was recently reported that WooHyun injured his hip while filming for the group’s ‘BTD’ music video.

Infinite’s agency stated, “WooHyun’s hip injury was re-inflamed during a recent music video shoot, and he was eventually taken to the emergency room.”

For the past two months, Woohyun has been attending action school to learn both basic and intermediate technical movements. During filming, however, Woohyun sustained a hip injury that was determined to take four weeks for a full recovery.

Woohyun had been taking painkillers in order to practice for both his group’s comeback and for the “MBC 2010 Music Festival“; eventually, however, he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

“The filming of the ‘BTD’ music video was shot on the 23rd, the coldest day of winter, but Woohyun and L’s fighting spirit was so great to the point where some staff members showed tears of sympathy. Thanks to them, the members’ determination increased and we think the quality of the music video turned out better than their existing music videos.

We will work hard to maintain a good condition for their comeback. We apologize for making the fans worry,” said the agency.

Infinite are scheduled to make their comeback on January 6th 2011.

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SungJong unveiled his 2nd Mini Album Jacket Photo?

SungJong tweeted a photo today, he tweeted :

여러분~ 안녕하세요 쫑이에요~~ 아침에 제가 여러분을 위해서~~ 특별한 선물!! 아직 공개되지 않은 저희 재킷 사진을 공개합니다~~~!!!! 저희 두번째미니앨범 기대해주세요~~~ ^^

Translation :

Everyone~ Hello it’s jjong~~ i have a special present~~ for everyone this morning!! showing a jacket picture that wasn’t revealed yet~~~!!!!! anticipate our 2nd mini album~~~ ^^

His hair blonde~!! He’s Cool! So Excited! Stay tuned for more information of Infinite’s Upcoming 2nd Mini Album!

Infinite’s Mini-Album tracklist and release date unveiled!

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It won’t be long until Infinite finally returns to the music scene!

Fans recently uncovered information about the group’s songs through the official ‘Korean Music Copyright Association’ website.

According to their findings, Infinite will be releasing a Mini-Album titled ‘Evolution’ on January 6th, which will contain a total of six tracks. Not only were fans able to discover the title of each song, but also the first lines in their lyrics as well.

Check it out below!

1. INTRO (Evolution)

2. Can U Smile

Lyrics: “I still remember that feeling I felt when I saw you a long time ago –

3. Hysterie

Lyrics: “Gradually, I Keep WANNA BE THE STAR for you –

(Gradually, I keep wanting to be a star for you)

4. BTD (Before The Dawn)

Lyrics: “Because I –

5. Dunno

Lyrics: “Dunno, I don’t understand hearts like yours, Dunno, I only know my heart –

6. Voice of my Heart

Lyrics: “The words I really wanted to say when I saw you, the words I couldn’t resist saying -“

WooHyun reveals martial arts training clip

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Footage of WooHyun in martial arts practise has been quickly making its rounds amongst fan and various video portal sites alike.

The video is said to be a teaser for the group’s upcoming comeback, and features Woohyun receiving martial arts training. In this 10-second clip, he shows off an impressive jump and knee-kick, leading netizens to dub him as the ‘action-idol.’

Netizens commented, “He’s really good,” “He’s floating in the air! INFINITE action idols,” and “I wonder what the comeback is?”

The group is currently preparing for their second mini-album.